Why work with us?

When you decide you would like us to work with you, we consider it to be a long-term relationship built on trust, honesty and integrity. This relationship takes time, we understand that, but we will work tirelessly to provide you the service we feel you deserve and build the ongoing trusted relationship that is so important between a client and adviser.

We are committed to providing you a truly unique and tailored experience.

We aim to be different; will you join us?

Our Investment Philosophy

As an independent, family owned business, we believe that to work in the interests of our clients, important work such as how our clients are invested (and where they should invest) should be kept in-house and not delegated to a third party. By using our insight, experience and knowledge, we have put in place a range of solutions reflecting our view on how we believe capital should be allocated across assets and world regions to gain optimal returns, manage risk and offer value for money. Our investment philosophy is as follows:

Costs should be kept reasonable
High criteria for fund inclusion
Asset Allocation
Pragmatic with the investment process
Ensure liquidity
Review portfolios and rebalance when necessary

We would be delighted to explain these in more detail at our meetings.